Pizza Shack You’ll love starting your meal with our Brushetta alla pomodor, toasted bread topped with fresh tomatoes and olive oil broiled to perfection for only $6.50. Our salads are light yet satisfying, try the antipasto ensalada all Napoli, which is fresh tomatoes, red onions, basil and olive oil. We have minestrone and tortellini in brood soup for only $5 a bowl. Take a slice or have a whole calzone made with the finest ingredients, cheeses, sauces, seasoned to your delight. The Mini Gourmets, the Sicilian, Specialty primavera, shack house, vodka pie or chicken Marsala pies will satisfy any hungry appetite. We’re open daily from 11:45 a.m. Mon-Sat and from noon on Sundays for lunch and dinner. Call or order online for pickup or free delivery with a minimum order of $12. Order Online Payment Options